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Weed ControlWeed Control

on May 19, 2013 by TruGreen

Don't you just hate looking out at your yard and seeing pesky weeds everywhere? What's more, weed control can be difficult if you don't know exactly what kinds of weeds you're faced with or what kind of weed control products are needed to solve the issue. That leaves little room for do-it-yourself solutions.

types of weeds

There are two main types of weeds that pose a threat to your lawn:

  • Perennial weeds are resilient and can live longer than two years. They can resprout and grow again even after repeated attempts to eliminate them because their storage organs are located at or below the surface of the soil. That makes it easy for them to not only reproduce quickly, but also survive adverse weather conditions. Some common perennial weeds include wild violet, dollarweed and dallisgrass.
  • Annual weeds have a life cycle that lasts only for one season; however, because they tend to germinate and come out at times of the year when preemergent weed control is not active, they can also be very difficult to control. Some prime examples of difficult-to-control annual weeds include annual bluegrass, knotweed, rescuegrass and oxalis.

All weeds are difficult to eliminate, so how do you find the right method of weed control to get rid of these nuisances? Once the weeds have been identified and a plan of action is in motion, the preemergent weed control that will best suit your needs depends on the types of weeds found in your lawn. For instance, if perennials are your problem, a TruExpertSM PhD-certified specialist can schedule applications of the appropriate preemergent to use. Likewise, annuals may require more than one application of the preemergent to keep them at bay. Does it feel a bit overwhelming? Don't try to do it all yourself; enlist the services of TruGreen® specialists who have been helping homeowners achieve lawns they love for more than 35 years.

TruGreen weed control services

TruGreen specialists are trained to know everything about weed control and weeds—including those that are most prevalent in your area. Once you sign up for a TruGreen plan, a PhD-certified specialist will conduct a Healthy Lawn Analysis® and further tailor a treatment plan that will address exactly what your lawn needs most—including what weed control services you will need to achieve a healthy, green lawn. For as long as your plan is in place, the Healthy Lawn Guarantee® ensures a specialist will return to your property as often as needed to ensure you’re satisfied.

Don't take the task of weed control into your own hands. Let the experts at TruGreen show you how to say goodbye to weeds and how to keep a healthier, greener lawn. To learn more, call TruGreen at 866.688.6722 and visit their website at TruGreen.com today.

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