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Weed Control for LawnsWeed Control for Lawns

on June 17, 2013 by TruGreen

With summer here, there are lots of reasons to consider weed control for lawns. As the temperature rises, the backyard once again becomes a hub of entertainment that can include pool parties, barbecues, family dinners, birthdays and other events. A serene backyard is also perfect for informal gatherings of friends and neighbors for refreshing drinks and casual conversation. Whatever the occasion, you want your lawn looking its absolute best.

To achieve a lawn that is healthy, green and lush, the importance of weed control for lawns cannot be overstated. Your lawn is a reflection of you, and the last thing you want is for unsightly weeds to invade the turfgrass you love. Weed control service helps your lawn outcompete weeds for water and nutrients.


Some weeds are harder to manage than others. In fact, weeds that TruGreen® considers difficult-to-control generally require repeat visits or tailored strategies for effective control. For the most part, lawn weed control focuses on two types of difficult-to-control weeds: perennial and annual.

Perennial weeds can live longer than two years and resprout or regrow even after several attempts to control them. Annual weeds live for only one growing season, but controlling them can be equally as challenging.

weed control for lawns: perennial weeds

Difficult-to-control perennial weeds survive adverse conditions and reproduce. Common perennial weeds include bulbs (wild garlic), tubers (yellow and purple nutsedge), rhizomes and stolons (dallisgrass, quackgrass, ground ivy, dollarweed, etc.) and thickened storage roots (Virginia buttonweed, Brazil pusley, chicory).

Select preemergents are available to control many difficult perennial weeds. However, repeated timely applications, sometimes over several growing seasons, may be necessary to deplete underground food reserves and control the weeds.

weed control for lawns: annual weeds

Several species of annual weeds are also difficult to control because they germinate and emerge at times of the year when preemergent products are not active. These weeds also show resistance to postemergent treatments. Notable annual weeds include annual bluegrass (Poa annua), knotweed and rescuegrass.

Difficult annual weeds may require more than one application of a preemergent. Generally, the second application of a preemergent should be timed to coincide with secondary flushes of germination. Once annual plants begin to flower or produce seedheads, they become more difficult to control with postemergents.

TruGreen weed control

An important step in controlling weeds of any type is maintaining a healthy, vigorous turf that competes against weed encroachment. TruGreen offers a variety of lawn plans, and each is designed to promote a healthy, weed-free lawn. Once you sign up for a TruGreen lawn plan, a PhD-certified specialist will perform a Healthy Lawn Analysis® to determine everything about your lawn, including what weeds are competing against your turfgrass for precious nutrients. Using this information, your specialist will further tailor a plan to address your lawn’s individual needs—including the application of preemergent and targeted weed control to deliver year-round protection from a variety of annual and broadleaf weeds.

Weed control for lawns is essential to having an inviting backyard. Why ruin the atmosphere of your backyard parties with the presence of these unwanted weeds?  Visit TruGreen.com or call 866.688.6722 today to schedule a Healthy Lawn Analysis.

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