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Lawn Weed ControlLawn Weed Control

on June 5, 2013 by TruGreen

Lawn weed control plays an important role in achieving a lawn you’ll love. This time of year, your lawn is your private haven—a sunny, breezy getaway for everything from picnics to soccer to games of tag. If you like to sunbathe, a blanket on lush grass is the way to go. For the more active, badminton, croquet, or a game of touch football may be in your summertime plans. No matter what your pleasure, knowing your yard is in tiptop shape will be crucial to your peace of mind. Keep lawn weeds at bay and your grass feeling soft, thick, and lush with these summertime tips courtesy of TruGreen®.

weed control

Weeds can be a big problem for those big summer plans. Some, like sedge or milkweed, can be sharp and uncomfortable to walk through while barefoot. Others pose a threat to the health of the whole yard by spreading rhizomes and seedpods, like perennial Johnson grass or annual bluegrass. If you want to enjoy your lawn this summer, you’ve got to keep control of those weeds. 

lawn fertilizer and weed control

An important step to achieving a healthy lawn is maintaining a vigorous turf that can compete against weed encroachment.  To that end, fertilizing your turf at the right time with the right mix of nutrients can help your yard thrive, outcompeting troublesome weeds in the process. Fertilizing with the proper mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (along with other key nutrients) is essential for long-term turf health. Proper fertilization improves color and density, moderates growth, improves stress tolerance, and speeds recovery when stress has already occurred. If you want to love living on your lawn this year, fertilize first.

outsmarting lawn weeds

If fertilization isn’t enough, or if you already know you need lawn weed control, you’ll want an organized strategy to eradicate those pesky problems. Weeds that TruGreen considers “difficult-to-control” include tough perennial weeds with life cycles that last longer than two years, and some annual weeds that cause particular control issues. In general, any weed that requires repeated visits or specialized lawn weed control is a “difficult-to-control” weed. If you want to enjoy your lawn without worrying about weed problems this year, a TruGreen PhD-certified specialist can use a range of targeted, science-based approaches to eradicate those weeds.

In general, difficult-to-control weeds are divided into two categories:
  1. Difficult perennial weeds: These have vegetative storage organs at or below the soil level. They can survive and overwinter even in difficult conditions, reproducing in the spring through bulbs, tubers, rhizomes, stolons, or thickened storage roots. Weeds like wild garlic, nutsedges, wild violet, and chicory, among others, are difficult-to-control perennials.
  2. Difficult annual weeds: Annual weeds that germinate or emerge at times of the year when preemergece is not active—or that have resistance to postemergence treatment—are also considered difficult-to-control. Annual bluegrass, knotweed, oxalis, and lespedeza, among others, can be difficult-to-control annuals that outsmart all your best attempts to thwart them. Once they’ve flowered or seeded, your chances of controlling them will dwindle drastically.

lifestyle and your lawn

Do you already use your lawn? Do you want a lawn you’ll love, but don’t use it now because it’s not the lawn you want? Either way, TruGreen PhD-certified specialists can help you design and implement a lawn you’ll enjoy without the hassle. Don’t struggle with lawn weed control alone. Sign up for any TruGreen plan and receive a Healthy Lawn Analysis®, which will provide the information your specialist needs to further tailor a plan to give you the lifestyle-friendly lawn you’ll love all year long. Visit or call 866.688.6722 today for more information.

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