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on September 17, 2014 by TruGreen

Like all TruGreen packages, the tree and shrub service is administered by TruExpertSM Certified Specialists. Every PhD-certified expert service technician is armed with knowledge and ready to personalize your care to the unique needs of your family’s individual landscape. Their tree service packages include:

  • Tree & Shrub Evaluation®: In this first step, your dedicated specialist will inspect your trees and shrubs for pests and diseases, making note of species and attending to specific landscape needs.
  • Spring Feeding and Early Growth Protection: Tested, targeted TruGreen applications are designed to deliver needed nutrients directly to tree roots to maximize spring flowering and color along with growth potential and hardiness throughout the growing season. TruGreen’s personalized attention also fights against spring mites, insects and disease threats to keep your greenery lush and healthy.
  • Mid- and Late-Season Foliage Protection: The specialized care continues throughout the season with targeted tree services designed to protect against summer stressors like lace bugs, aphids and scale—and keeps your trees healthy into late fall and winter with year-round attention and care.
  • Root Zone Fertilization: Your tree services include the injection of proprietary micronutrient formulas into the root zone of your trees and shrubs, encouraging the development of deep and healthy roots while improving overall hardiness.
  • Overwintering Insect Control: A range of pests have life cycles that include overwintering within the shelter of a tree and creating damage in the spring. These pests usually require a discerning eye to spot and intensive training for proper treatment. Your TruGreen specialists have both. In many cases, TruGreen’s horticultural oil can control winter pests, nipping spring damage in the bud.
  • Targeted Trunk Injections: At multiple points throughout the year, specific injections can control pests and correct nutrient imbalances.

The shrub and tree service package comes with the Tree & Shrub Guarantee®. That means you’re guaranteed to love your landscape, and your specialist will make adjustments as needed to make sure you are satisfied with your paid plan.

With the beginning pricing at $399.99, TruGreen’s affordable tree service offers maximum value at a reasonable price. Precision care, a luxurious landscape, personalized treatment plans and guaranteed service? You gotta love it.

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