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Top-Notch Tree ServiceTop-Notch Tree Service

on May 15, 2013 by TruGreen

If you have trees or shrubs that look unsightly or unhealthy, you need a top-notch tree service to fix the problem and save the tree. In some cases, death occurs rapidly; other times, sections of the tree or shrub may decline gradually over weeks or months. If it’s the root system that’s failing, the tree most likely will die—so prevention is key.

root decline: symptoms and causes

TruGreen® can help prevent root decline through proper care and maintenance. Regularly scheduled service also gives a certified specialist the chance to recognize early symptoms of root decline, before it becomes a life-threatening factor for your trees. Symptoms of root decline can masquerade as wilt; leaves often begin to wilt on hot days from a lack of moisture—eventually turning brown and exhibiting a “scorched” appearance. Evergreen needles turn brown and drop.

The real cause of these symptoms isn’t a lack of moisture, but rather roots that are starving for oxygen thanks to waterlogged or compacted soils. Roots that can’t “breathe” are unable to provide the nutrients the tree needs to survive and thrive. Sometimes these symptoms are due to disease, but more often site factors like shade, flooding, improper planting depth, or surrounding concrete are the “root” cause of root decline.

root decline and top notch tree service

An expert tree service will include specific advice targeted to your trees; certain species or varieties are more prone to root decline based on drainage. Most can tolerate waterlogged conditions for a short time, even though they prefer well-drained soils. Some, like rhododendron, are more susceptible to and won’t survive poor drainage conditions. Others, like cypress trees, need wet soils to thrive. A top-notch tree service can offer specialized knowledge and advice designed to suit your particular trees’ unique needs.

A healthy tree can withstand adverse conditions more easily. At TruGreen, our tailored services are designed to support overall tree health, so seasonal flooding or unusual conditions don’t permanently damage your trees. That attention to detail, designed to stop problems before they start, is what sets top-notch tree services like those offered by TruGreen apart from standard fare. Enlist the help of seasoned, expert specialists now to keep your trees looking their best for generations to come.

To find out more about TruGreen’s expert tree services call 866.688.6722 or browse our website at
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