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  • Is my TruGreen service guaranteed?

    Yes. All full program customers benefit from our Healthy Lawn Guarantee®, which means we’ll gladly visit your property as often as needed between scheduled visits to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your satisfaction.

  • How do I complete a survey on my TruGreen service?

    To give feedback on your existing TruGreen service or your specialist, first log in to your account by clicking here. Then click "take survey" on your account summary screen.

  • What is the timeframe between applications?

    Generally, applications are applied every 4-6 weeks depending on your plan.

  • Does TruGreen mow?

    TruGreen does not offer mowing services. But your TruGreen PhD–certified specialist will be happy to discuss an optimal mowing regimen for your lawn during any of your service visits. 

  • I was told not to let my pets on the lawn until it was dry. If the application can cause my dogs harm when wet, why not when it is dry?

    TruGreen advises customers to keep pets off the sprayed areas until dry as a prudent practice not only to reduce exposure to their pets, but also to reduce the tracking of dislodgeable residues into the home. After the treated area has dried, the amount of residue that will transfer is greatly reduced.

  • Does a healthy lawn really benefit the environment?

    Yes. As natural ecosystems are altered by the build-out of population centers, we and millions of homeowners feel an increasing responsibility to assure both the environmental and esthetic benefits of healthy turf are maintained around us. Lawns filter air and water. And thick turf can make it harder for allergy producing weeds to grow in your area. Grass also helps cool the environment during hot weather.

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